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Late night infomercials are pretty funny.

Especially the ones about no money down real estate.

Over the years, several real estate gurus have sold systems where ordinary people can purchase a piece of real estate with no money out of pocket, and eventually become wealthy as real estate investors.

Whether the systems work or not is up for debate.

But my point is, while there are seemingly no similarities between real estate investors and screenwriters, when you dig beneath the surface, you’ll find something interesting.

Which brings us to Screenwriting Success Habit #2…

Successful screenwriters have a mindset of real estate!

What do I mean by this?

I mean that, like real estate, you must think of writing your screenplays like accumulating inventory.


Because like real estate, Hollywood trends and topics are often cyclical.

Just because a screenplay you wrote isn’t generating interest right now, it doesn’t mean it won’t later.

More on this in a moment.

If the only reason you write screenplays is try and sell them immediately, then you do not have a mindset of accumulating inventory.

Speaking of which, why should you even have this mindset?

Well, there are many benefits that come from accumulating an inventory of material.

Let me introduce you to just a few.

First, by accumulating inventory, you get the benefit of developing your craft.

There is no better way to sharpen and hone your writing skills then to write multiple screenplays, possibly in multiple genres.

Second, by accumulating an inventory of material, you get the benefit of discovering your writing voice.

In Hollywood, having a unique, defined voice is one of the most important ways you can distinguish yourself from the mass of screenwriting sameness.

And third, by accumulating an inventory of material, you get the benefit of being able to answer the all important question that a Hollywood Professional WILL ask you one day after reading your script.

That question is, “What else you got?”

And you BETTER have the right answer.

Let me share an example of how this played out in real life.

A handful of years ago, my former client Sean McGinly had written and was directing, “The Great Buck Howard.”

While on the set of that feature film he told me about another script he had written ten years earlier.

While irrelevant then, I used his “The Great Buck Howard” success to sell that decade old script to Fox 2000.

We then went through the rest of his material and found other solid scripts that we were able to leverage in other, profitable ways.

Now think about it.

Without an inventory of material, we never could have taken Sean’s career to the next level.

So understand that the more you write, and the more material you accumulate, the greater the benefit for you.

Again, Success Habit #2 is understanding that screenplays are like real estate.

They will, at some point, have incredible value to some buyer.

Good enough?

Okay, then I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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