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My name’s Greg Vovos. I’m 39 years old and living in Cleveland, Ohio. The big difference between me before BOSI and me after would be comparable to Dorothy in Kansas and Dorothy when she lands in OZ — it’s like BOSI turned the color on in my screenwriting world. Because even though OZ is a fantasy world compared to where she was in Kansas, there was something that became very real for her when she lands there. The same is true for me now.

So for me this has been a very successful year because I have built a foundation that I believe will serve me for years to come. And it all started when I stumbled on Marvin’s articles. So obviously, I haven’t reached Oz yet, but I have been able to pull back the curtain and get a peek at the wizard. I still have to make the long journey down the yellow brick road, but that I can control. And after all, isn’t the most amazing and magical part just finding the yellow brick road in the first place? Now that Marvin has helped lay the road out in front of me, I just have to take the steps. Thank you!

Greg Vovos
Cleveland, OH

Greetings! My name is Kristina Smith and I am a writer from Alburnett, Iowa. Since I started getting the BOSI newsletter about two years ago, I have increased the number of writing activities that I participate in by 100%. At first I resisted advice on networking, and the concept, quite honestly, still pisses me off. Regardless, I took baby steps out of my comfort zone and out of my world and am slowly finding my place among you.

Kristina Smith
Alburnett, Iowa

I’m forty-seven years old and live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Before Bosi newsletter, I was struggling to make the leap from novelist/short story writer to screenwriter.

I had many doubts. Was I too old to try a new craft? Did I live too far away from California? I found ‘The Business of Show Business Institute’ online and felt uplifted. Many of my questions were quickly answered.

Chrissy K. McVay
Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

“With my first feature film about to wrap in LA, I wanted to take a moment to thank Marvin Acuna and the Business of Show Institute.

Marvin and the BOSI helped me, a screenwriter from a remote corner of New Mexico, bridge the gap to the amazing, filmmaking world of Hollywood. I recommend BOSI to any screenwriter serious about turning their screenwriting dreams into a reality.”

Mary Haarmeyer Pic

Mary Haarmeyer
Lovington, New Mexico

“…last year I optioned 2 of my scripts to established production companies within 11 months – all due to lessons I learned from The BOSI!”

Justin Hedges Pic

Justin Hedges
Queen Creek, AZ

“…I got a script optioned for a year by Brillstein Entertainment Partners in L.A…. The key to is having a real screenwriting career, which I’m hopefully moving closer to doing thanks to Marvin – and is my own BOSI success story – is not just writing scripts that will move people, make them laugh and say something that makes a difference …But to sell myself, so I can sell those scripts, and get those screenplays on the screen!”

Sundae Jahant Osborne Pic

Sundae Jahant-Osborne
London, England

“… after discovering Marvin Acuna and the BOSI and signing up for their Secret Weapon series featuring Hollywood pros and later one-on-one coaching with Marvin himself, I learned what the real game was about.

I finally understood what it took to write for the market, gather market intel, create a brand for myself and network. I even discovered a market niche in “storytelling for business” consulting and am presently coaching Disney executives.”

Pablo Ponce de Leon Pic

Pablo Ponce de Leon
Miami Beach, Florida

“In early 2008 after a 20 year hiatus I was lost in the wilderness trying to get back into the business. I discovered BOSI & Marvin Acuna on twitter & attended BOSI’s first live event in LA later that year.

At that event BOSI brought in several successful agents, producers & writers to address the group. Four years later almost everything I’ve accomplished is because of that meeting & my BOSI membership. Thank You BOSI.

Gary Sanders Pic

Gary Sanders
Overland Park, Kansas

Marvin’s courses are roadmaps to the intricate maze that is Hollywood. They are at once both eye-opening and revelatory. He knows that – first and foremost – you’ll get nowhere without a great script, and his top priority is to help you take your script to that next level.

From agents to managers to producers to buyers: working with Marvin is like accessing a secret Wikipedia page on How Hollywood Really Operates. He’s a magician who delights in helping writers achieve their full potential, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

David J. Williams
Los Angeles, CA

” I’m now at the stage where I’m querying the “powers that be” in Hollywood in the hope of having my script produced and becoming a successful screenwriter. I’d recommend anyone pursuing a career in this business to seek out Marvin’s expertise and learn from him. He is an amazing guy with a wealth of knowledge and one who takes the time out to help wherever he can – a true asset to any budding writer!”

David Kenny
Melbourne, Australia

Any writer who feels he’s gotten as far as he can go is only slowing down so the thousands with creative steam behind him can trample him in the dust. Many sources have taught and influenced me along the way, but I feel Marvin and the entire BOSI program have not left me in the dust. With uplifting and realistic insight such as BOSI continues to provide I feel that, even here in the golden wheat fields of Kansas, I too can continue to shoot for Oscar gold.

Stephen W. Lincoln
Wichita, KS

I learned through the BOSI that opening the doors of Hollywood IS possible even if you don’t live there, but if unstead you get yourself known, step by step, by creating a buzz! I perfectly remember the lesson about the “buzz” a writer -or a team- has to create about themselves and I though to myself : “that’s so true and it must be possible! After all Hollywood is a small town!!”.

Anyway after months of following daily the mentoring program, rewriting the script, spending hundreds of dollars in script writing contests etc…, there was a turning-point: I met my actual manager Larry Hummel in his office in LA. He was also introduced to met thanks to my cousin Eric Schmid who owns a water company. Larry accepted to read the latest version of the script. He liked it and with a hand shake we decided to work together.

Silvan Boris Schmid

“Marvin V. Acuna helped me form a career as a writer and director. In a town where there’s a lot more talk than action Marvin is the exception. He’s resilient, even relentless. For me, he’s part manager, part producing partner and at times even a guru/therapist. He gets things done.”

Sean McGinly Pic

Sean McGinly
Writer/Director of “The Great Buck Howard”

“As a writer or director, there is no greater asset than having someone on your side who not only believes in you, but believes ‘with you,’ that together, there is no such thing as an unachievable goal. And in a business that is littered with the wreckage of so many countless efforts to achieve those unachievable goals, having someone who is simply relentless in their pursuit of insuring your goals are reached, and don’t end up as just another “broken dream” is the rarest commodity of all.

Marvin Acuna is that commodity. A manager, a partner, a producer, and always, a friend. His passion is both inspiring and effective. Having been his client for many years, rolling up my sleeves each day, and trying to navigate the next course forward, I could have no better companion at my side to both chart that course, and actually achieve the journey we set out for ourselves. He is truly, one in a million.”

Timothy Bogart Pic

Timothy Bogart
Writer/Director of “The Year of Wonders”

“I’ve worked with a lot of writing, producing and directing partners over the last forty years, but I think Marvin V. Acuna is the best collaborator of all of them. Both as a manager and producer he never takes his eye off the ball — he’s always focused on the subject at hand. He listens carefully, thinks clearly, communicates lucidly and never ever personalizes. Also, he’s devoted to optimism, which means he and I never have to waste our time with hand-wringing and fear-mongering. Working with Marvin I always feel as if I and my project are moving forward.”

Dennis Klein Pic

Dennis Klein
Co-Creator “The Larry Sanders Show”

My name is Steve Rouse. I have dyslexia and have had it all my life. But I raised the money to make my first short film. From Marvin videos and his driving force, not to give up now I have interest from an agent in L.A. And have finished my feature film called “The Pirates Contract” which I co-directed and co-wrote now in post. This film was all shot in Thailand. So my point is you can never give up. Believe in your work and yourself.

Steve Rouse
Director/Writer, Thailand

What I really learned from The BOSI is that people in the industry, at all levels, want a quality product, they want to work, people want projects they can be excited about and make money on – for everyone involved. Anyone who is trying to break into the screenwriting business is going to learn the FACTS with The BOSI and then hit the ground running – even if they’re shy, like I am.

The BOSI isn’t about being stuck in some endless & expensive screenwriting workshop (of which I have taken a few). It’s about finding that you are really becoming part of that exciting work flowing in & out of Hollywood – regardless of where you live or how old you are or what you do at your day job. It would be just plain crazy to ignore The BOSI – it’s only as far away as your computer. Thanks again, Marvin.

Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Columbus, OH

…what is truly exceptional about everything you share is your passion…and enthusiasm to help everyone who desires to succeed and improve their careers…as well as improve and succeed in their careers.

Michael Savage aka Sirtony
Award Winning Filmmaker

“I have worked with many managers and producers in my career but none more pleasant than my experience with Marvin Acuna. Open minded, hard working and honest, Marvin is unlike most in the film business, in that, he is not afraid to rip apart the story and see if each element works. This takes a great deal of bravery.”

Ken Stovitz,
Senior Agent, Paradigm
(Former producing partner with Will Smith at Overbrook Entertainment)

“Marvin Acuna is a legend in the making. He is one of the most positive, most wonderfully passionate and fierce minds working in our business. A great gentleman and businessman.”

Brian Kend
Literary Agent, CAA

“Marvin was my true ‘partner in crime,’ when we co-represented a talented up and coming writer-director. He is diligent, resourceful, creative, and one of the most gracious individuals I have had the pleasure of working with in this business. Plus every time I read the sign off on his email (‘May your life be extraordinary’), it puts a smile on my face!”

Jill Cutler,
President of Winkler Films

“Marvin V. Acuna’s discerning taste in material is complemented beautifully by his strategic skills set as both a manager and producer.”

Lynnette Ramirez
Sr. Vice President of George Lopez Presents

“Marvin is the perfect blend of passion and tact. He has the calm and focus to discover the target and the tenacity and dedication to get the job down.”

Sarah Hammer
Head of Creative Affairs, River Road

“In every great producer is a determined, tenacious, organized, resourceful, hard-working, brilliant, “takes-the-initiative”, open minded business person. Marvin Acuna is beyond all this. He is super ‘extraordinary’!!”

Heidi Jo Markel
Eclectic Pictures

“Marvin is a wonderful manager and producer. He understands how to develop and support a client and his taste in material has what has set him apart in the industry.”

Gina Rugolo,
Rugolo Entertainment