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" Read on to discover this deceptively simple, but powerful success principle — that almost every prominent screenwriter follows — but almost never talks about..."


From the Desk of Marvin V. Acuna
Sunday Morning, 7:03am
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you a little story:

Long before Jessica Bendinger became a highly successful screenwriter she was just a young intern for Spin Magazine in New York.

It wasn't until a fateful day when an electronic press kit came into the office for a movie called "Say Anything" — written by Cameron Crowe ("Fast Times At Ridgemont High," "Jerry Maguire," and "Almost Famous") — and she heard Crowe talk about transitioning from a career as a music journalist at Rolling Stone — to penning feature films — did a light-bulb go off in her head...

Wait a minute... THE Cameron Crowe had been a music
journalist — just like her?! And he had made the transition
into successful feature-film screenwriter?

And as she dug deeper into this story, she discovered that celebrated screenwriter Joe Eszterhas ("Basic Instinct" and "Showgirls") had also followed the path from music journalist at Rolling Stone — to celebrated screenwriter!

To think — these famous writers had gone from where she currently was (writing for a music magazine) — to wildly successful careers as Hollywood scribes!

And that meant... SHE could do it too!

From then on Bendinger used Crowe and Eszterhas as her success-models, literally as the beacons guiding her to success — because they had already trail-blazed the path for her.

And you can't deny the results.

With her newfound knowledge and inspiration, Jessica Bendinger went on to pen smash teen hits like "Bring It On," "Stick It" — and currently enjoys the envied lifestyle of a mega-successful screenwriter with control over her material, and her hand in a dozen different projects.

Here's another cool story.

Before Allan Loeb became Hollywood's hottest screenwriter...

...before he wrote "21," "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps," and "Escape From New York," he was just another struggling screenwriter in Hollywood.

Sure, there were a lot of different experiences in his career that made him the success he is today, but one of the most transformational experiences he had was reading the book "Adventures in the Screen Trade" by legendary screenwriter William Goldman ("Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," "The Princess Bride," and "All the President's Men").

Loeb took careful note of Goldman's writing style, studied his path to success, and learned from Goldman's mistakes and failures.

And when he did this, the important aspects of developing his voice, understanding the business, and all the subtle nuances of success started coming together for Allan.

Soon after, he got his big break that catapulted him to fame and fortune in Hollywood.

And again, he did it by modeling someone who was already
successful at what he wanted to accomplish...


I don't think so...

You see, the list goes on and on:

  • The late, great Blake Snyder was heavily influenced by comedy writers Gene Moss and Jim Thurman, who wrote for his father's cartoon show "Roger Ramjet."
  • Master of horror John Carpenter modeled many aspects of his craft after legendary screenwriter Howard Hawks ("The Big Sleep," "Scarface," and "Sergeant York").
  • Screenwriter Mick Garris ("Batteries Not Included," "Sleepwalkers," and "Riding the Bullet") credits screenwriter John Landis ("National Lampoon's Animal House," "Three Amigos," and "Coming to America") as one of his biggest influences and THE screenwriter he modeled.
  • Jason Reitman ("Thank You For Smoking," "Juno," and "Up In The Air") credits Hal Ashby, Kevin Smith, Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater, Alexander Payne, and Paul Thomas Anderson as his success-models.
  • And 2010's Academy Award winner for "Best Adapted Screenplay" — Geoffrey Fletcher — considers himself a huge Stanley Kubrick disciple.

Are you starting to get it now?

Have you guessed what this HUGE secret to your screenwriting success is?

Well here it is...

It's modeling screenwriters who are already successful!

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"Uh, why is modeling successful screenwriters important to my career at all?"

And that's a great question.

You see, you already know that the road to screenwriting success can be pretty damn tough for most writers.

A small percentage of writers were born into this business — and are fortunate enough to get opportunities to interact with already successful screenwriters, and are introduced to industry decision-makers from the get-go.

But most of us weren't born into Hollywood Royalty.

Most of us have to kick down every door we come across — and we work damn hard for everything we achieve in this business. And therefore...

  • Some screenwriters get their breaks early in their careers — while others get theirs later.
  • Some screenwriters have agents or managers — while others don't.
  • Some screenwriters have MFA's and formal backgrounds in writing — while others develop their voices on their own.

The only thing that's consistent in this business is that every writer's path to success is DIFFERENT.

It seems like there's no rhyme or reason, formula, or system for success... that is, unless you look to... already successful screenwriters!


Because they've actually beaten the odds and reached a highly improbable level of success!

Which means — if you're an aspiring screenwriter looking for success... then...

Understanding HOW successful screenwriters got to the top
of the heap is not just wonderfully instructive — it's a
necessary tool in order to achieve YOUR big break!

By modeling successful screenwriters, you glean rare insights, tools, and strategies that you wouldn't otherwise know about.

And the best part is, you know these techniques and strategies WORK because they're coming from someone who's USED them to become successful!

So if you're an aspiring screenwriter looking for a competitive edge in getting your "big break" — then modeling successful screenwriters is critical to YOUR success.

I hope this is making sense to you — if you're still reading this letter to this point.

Because I think I know a thing or two about you.

First of all, I know you're a talented writer.

In fact, I'm willing to bet that...

  • You've got great ideas, a great script (or scripts), and you're ambitious.

  • You've been to seminars, read screenwriting books, and studied the techniques.

  • You've tried out screenwriting websites, bought the products, and maybe even entered screenwriting competitions.

And you feel like all you need is just a LITTLE push to get your career to the next level.

If you could just get an opportunity to get your script into the right hands — your career would take-off!

If you could just get that tiny break — then you too could become a wildly successful Hollywood screenwriter.

Does that sound about right?

Well, you're in luck - because what I'm about to reveal to
you could very well be the "insider-information" that
pushes you over the edge!

Here's what I'm talking about.

Just recently I had a chance to interview 5 (well, 6 since one was a writing team) of the top writers in the business today.

I'm not talking about some up-and-coming writers with films you've never heard of.

I'm talking about cream-of-the-crop screenwriters who sell their scripts for millions of dollars, see their material turned into feature films, and have absolutely stunning stories of thrilling victories (and agonizing defeats) — about how they achieved their success.

These are the rarely talked about, but TRUE secrets of how some of Hollywood's most successful writers smashed through countless obstacles and achieved the screenwriting success that you ALSO desire!

These are the kinds of stories that can spark change and inspiration in the mind of an aspiring screenwriter like yourself.

The kind you can model.

The kind that can create the "big break" you've been looking for.

Packaged together, I call this program - "Masters of Screenwriting" —
and now it's your turn to inherit these invaluable insights, and use these
writers as your success-models!

And speaking of the screenwriters, here are the Hollywood scribes who were generous enough to share their most valuable and powerful screenwriting insights with you in "Masters of Screenwriting":

Superstar Screenwriter #1

Jessica Bendinger — Writer of "Bring It On," "First Daughter," and "Stick It"

Jessica Bendinger is an acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter who launched onto the scene with her original script for the hit hip hop cheerleading comedy, "Bring it On".

It was her love of hip-hop and ESPN cheerleading competitions that propelled her into the idea of "Bring it On" "Bring it On" was rejected 27 times by various Hollywood studios, but Bendinger’s conviction ultimately drove the remarkable success of the film, which debuted at number one at the box office for two straight weeks, and grossed a combined $300 million in theaters and DVD sales.

Following the success of "Bring it On," Bendinger went on to write for Season Four of the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning HBO series, "Sex in the City," and for films such as "The Truth About Charlie" with Thandie Newton and Mark Wahlberg; "First Daughter" starring Katie Holmes; and "Aquamarine" starring Emma Roberts.

Never shying away from challenges and new opportunities, Bendinger has also added the title of producer, director, and most recently, novelist to her repertoire.

Bendinger produced "The Wedding Date" starring Debra Messing, Amy Adams and Dermot Mulroney. In 2006, once again seeking her own creative opportunities, Bendinger next went on to write and direct the hit comedy "Stick It," starring Jeff Bridges and Missy Peregrym. Exemplifying Bendinger’s connection with the youth demographic, "Stick It" was the #1 movie download on iTunes for 7 weeks in a row, during the film’s home video release.

A former model who worked for the legendary designer Stephen Sprouse and appeared on the runway in “Slaves Of New York,” Bendinger was named by Glamour Magazine as one of Hollywood’s “Most Powerful Women Under 40”. Yet for all her success, she is always mindful to avoid complacency.

Jessica Bendinger currently resides in Los Angeles with her two dogs, where she is writing her next feature film and working on the sequel to The Seven Rays.

And here's a taste of what she covers in her captivating interview:
  • The completely unique way that Jessica Bendinger landed her first agent — at William Morris! — ... and how YOU can do the same! Forget starting from a boutique agency and working your way up. Here's how to completely leapfrog your way to the top!

  • How to create and nurture relationships with powerful industry executives and producers! Here is exactly what Jessica does to stay on the radar of every Hollywood decision maker she encounters...

  • How to "manage your manager (or agent)" — and have a synergistic, powerful partnership with your representation. Unfortunately, most screenwriter/representation relationships don't work like this. Here's the real way to create this ideal scenario...

  • Jessica's personal formula for overcoming the dreaded "screenwriter's block!" PLUS — how to handle the creative A.D.D. that plagues EVERY screenwriter at some point or another...

  • The ONE component about Jessica's screenplay "Bring It On" that made her SURE it was a winner — which gave her the confidence to pitch it 28 times before it got sold. And here's how YOU can tell if you've got a winner on your hands!

Superstar Screenwriter #2

Allan Loeb — Arguably the hottest screenwriter in Hollywood today...

In case you aren't familiar with his work, here's Allan's abridged screenwriting resume:
  • Wrote the screenplay for the hit film "21" with Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne, and Kate Bosworth

  • Wrote the screenplays for the feature films "The Switch,” “The Dilemma,” and “Just Go With It”…

  • Wrote the screenplays for the feature films “Rock of Ages,” and “Here Comes the Boom,” and “Escape from New York”…

  • Wrote the screenplay for the highly anticipated "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" with Michael Douglas, Shia LeBouf, and directed by Oliver Stone

  • Wrote the screenplay for the highly anticipated "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" with Michael Douglas, Shia LeBouf, and directed by Oliver Stone

  • Currently in development, is working on, and in high demand for dozens of other projects on the screenwriting and production levels...

And here's taste of what he reveals in his in-depth interview:
  • How Allan Loeb, arguably the hottest screenwriter in Hollywood, got his first big break in the business! What's instructive is that YOU may not have to spend all the time that he did in getting his first taste of success!

  • Allan's biggest piece of advice for screenwriters entering into a pitch session. There's some controversy surrounding this topic, but here's the perspective from one of the industry's most successful screenwriters...

  • Allan's 5 most important ingredients for a killer pitch. From the guy who sold "21," "Wall Street 2," and "The Switch," this could be VERY useful to you...

  • Allan's personal lessons from working with Oliver Stone on "Wall Street 2." This is a very instructive segment of the interview — which teaches you how to deal with powerful industry figures with huge egos.

  • The ONLY REASON why Allan Loeb claims that he has, and continues to get work in Hollywood. Are YOU doing this?

Superstar Screenwriters #3

Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy – One of the most successful writing teams in Hollywood

Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson are most well known for writing the popular "Air Bud" franchise, but have recently gained massive traction in the industry.

Along with writing the screenplay for 2010's "The Fighter" (starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale), they've most recently set up a picture at Sony Pictures Entertainment with Will Smith set to star!

Whether it's producing, finding creative sources of film-financing, or doing meticulous market research for their next blockbuster script, this dynamic-duo is really changing the way screenwriters are viewed in our industry.

And they'd like to share with you — how they've reached this level of success.

Imagine getting answers from writers who've already overcome the same challenges you're facing right now!

And here's just glimpse of what they'll cover:
  • How Eric and Paul quickly got to a point in their careers where they were booking more jobs for themselves than their agents and managers! (PLUS — how YOU can do this too...)

  • Paul Tamasy's personal "keyword-research" system he uses to keep himself up-to-date with all the latest projects in Hollywood, the latest news from foreign investors, and what type of material that producers are currently looking for!

  • EXPOSED! The multiple angles that Eric and Paul worked — when starting out — to get their material into the hands of industry decision makers. Some of them may make you laugh, but they are HIGHLY effective for newer writers...

  • Eric and Paul's "index card method" for crafting blockbuster screenplays! In their own words, this could very well be the most valuable tool they've every employed for writing hit script after hit script!

  • The amazing story of how Eric and Paul believed in one of their screenplays so much that they were able to receive financing (not just for that particular film, but for 3 films in total!) from a totally unexpected, foreign source. Discover how they did it, and perhaps, how YOU can do it too!

Superstar Screenwriter #4

Corey Mandell – Successful Screenwriter, Script Consultant, and Screenwriting Teacher

Corey Mandell is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter who has written projects for Ridley Scott, Wolfgang Petersen, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Warner Brothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000, Fox Family, Working Title, Paramount, Live Planet, Beacon Films, Touchstone, Trilogy, Radiant and Walt Disney Pictures.

Corey teaches screenwriting at the UCLA Writer’s Program and offers private online classes using video conferencing to allow participants to see and hear each other in real time. His highly popular classes draw students from across the US, Europe and Australia.

As a teacher and script coach Corey focuses on helping screenwriters learn and develop the essential skill sets required to write at a professional level. His students have gone on to sell or option scripts to Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Disney, Fox, Fox 2000, MGM, Universal, USA Network and Lifetime. Others have gained admission to the USC Graduate Screenwriting Program, the AFI Conservatory Screenwriting Program and Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab.

A sought after speaker, he has lectured on screenwriting and industry related topics at UCLA, Harvardwood, The Writer’s Fair, UCSC, San Francisco State, The Water Bucket Gang, The Writer’s Studio and KCRW’s The Business of the Business.

And in his extraordinary interview he reveals...

  • The biggest screenwriting lesson Corey learned from achieving fast success! At the beginning of his career, Corey went from film school student to getting his first agent at ICM, writing a spec screenplay with Julia Roberts attached, then working with Ridley Scott! Awesome, right? Wrong...

  • Corey's litmus test for choosing the right literary agent or manager. And interestingly enough, it has more to do with being in an intimate relationship than a business relationship!

  • The #1 skill that is essential for any screenwriter who wants to be successful at the highest of levels... revealed!

  • The 2 qualities you need in order to write great material, and why most writers only have 1!  Since you need BOTH to be successful, here's how to train yourself to develop both of these essential qualities!

  • The single biggest mistake that rookie writers make, and how it could negatively impact your screenwriting career forever!

Superstar Screenwriter #5

Craig Stiles – Successful Austin, Texas Based Screenwriter

Can a screenwriter who doesn't live in Los Angeles be successful in Hollywood?

Can he sell his material?

Can he get representation?

The answer is a resounding "YES!"

Just ask Craig Stiles.

Craig Stiles is an Austin, Texas based screenwriter whose recent spec script "The Architect" sold to RKO Pictures.

And get this.

Stiles is repped by the reputable Caren Bohrman Agency.

If you'd like to discover how he achieved this level of success, and how you can do the same, then you're going to want to tune into this interview.

Here's just a taste of what's covered:

  • Why Craig CHOOSES to continue living in Austin, Texas, even after hitting a certain level of success in his career! PLUS – how YOU can succeed in your career, no matter where you are in the world...

  • How Craig worked with his agent to develop "The Architect" – and how he used current market intelligence to match his script to the marketplace and get it sold!

  • How Craig attracted top-level literary representation, before he ever hit it big with "The Architect!" Here's how any screenwriter can do the same, even if you don't live in Los Angeles!

  • Craig's specific process of going from an idea, to outline, to completed script, then his formulaic rewriting process – all in a simple, digestible format!

  • The single biggest misconception that ALL writers must overcome in order to become successful in Hollywood! It wasn't until Craig removed the wool from his own eyes did he make it big!

Whew! How's THAT for an all-star screenwriting lineup?

And remember...

This is the "secret-sauce" straight from 6 of the TOP
screenwriters in Hollywood! Any ONE of these interviews
could create the "AHA!" moment that takes your career to
the next level...

And I'm inviting you to be one of the few screenwriters fortunate enough to benefit from the incredible information in "Masters of Screenwriting."

I hope this is making sense to you...

You're looking for strong medicine, real secrets, and true inspiration, right?

Then here it is, wrapped up in a bright, shiny bow for you!

Do you see the power in what I'm saying?

You're onto something more exciting and more gratifying then I can put into words here.

Success leaves clues — but in the case, it's leaving detailed instructions...

And the best part?

You get even MORE value if you act fast... because I'm
throwing in some staggering bonuses...

  • BONUS #1:
    One of the Very Last Interviews with the Late, Great, Blake Snyder...

On August 4th, 2009, the screenwriting world lost a shining star.

Blake Snyder was not only one of the foremost authorities in screenwriting, he was a genuinely kind soul who wanted to help everyone he came across.

The BOSI was lucky enough to host one of his final talks before he passed away, and in true Blake Snyder fashion, he held NOTHING back.

In case you didn't know too much about him, here's Blake's bio:

Bonus Screenwriting Superstar

Blake Snyder — Late, Great Screenwriter and Screenwriting Teacher

In his 20-year career as a screenwriter and producer, Blake Snyder sold dozens of scripts, including co-writing "Blank Check," which became a hit for Disney, and "Nuclear Family" for Steven Spielberg — both million-dollar sales. Named “one of Hollywood’s most successful spec screenwriters,” Blake sold his last screenplay, shortly before his untimely death, in 2009.

His book, "Save the Cat!® The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need," was published in May, 2005, and is now in its sixteenth printing. It prompted “standing room only” appearances by Blake in New York, London, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, Barcelona, and Beijing — along with numerous sold-out workshops in Los Angeles, where he was also a STAR Speaker at Screenwriting Expos 6 & 7.

Apparently it is not quite the last book on screenwriting you’ll ever need, as the eagerly awaited sequel, "Save the Cat!® Goes to the Movies: The Screenwriter’s Guide to Every Story Ever Told," was published in October, 2007 — shooting to #1 in the Screenwriting, Screenplay, and Movies History and Criticism categories on Blake’s third book, "Save the Cat!® Strikes Back: More Trouble for Screenwriters to Get Into... And Out Of," was published in November, 2009.

Blake’s method has become the “secret weapon” of many development executives, managers, and producers for its precise, easy, and honest appraisal of what it takes to write and develop stories that resonate.

And here's just a sample of what Blake covered in this talk:
  • Why Hollywood is a "call-and-response" business — and why, as a screenwriter, if you can understand and apply this concept, you will shortcut your path to success considerably...

  • The two most common stumbling blocks that all writers face, and how you can save yourself a ton of headaches and frustration by knowing what they are beforehand!

  • How Blake solves the never-ending debate of "should I write what I'm passionate about or write a high-concept idea?" The answer is NOT what you think...

  • Blake's killer method for taking a grain of an idea and turning it into a full-fledged concept or screenplay — every time...

  • How screenwriters can quickly and easily brand themselves and their work – just as convincingly as General Electric, Proctor & Gamble, or Xerox — and increase their market value in Hollywood as a result!

Blake's interview is chock-full of screenwriting wisdom, and it's a call that no serious screenwriter can afford to miss.

And since I know that not everyone learns the same way,
here's what else I've done for you...

  • BONUS #2:
    PDF Transcripts of ALL Interviews!

Not only do you get the audio mp3's of these interviews, you also get PDF transcripts as well!

This means that you can take these valuable audios, download them onto your computer, and listen to them anytime you want!

Or you can download these interviews onto your Ipod to take with you to the gym, while you're taking a walk, or while you're running errands!

Or why not burn these audios onto CD so you can listen to them in the car! If you have any kind of daily commute — instead of listening to music or NPR — why not educate yourself about succeeding in Hollywood?

And since you also get the PDF transcripts, you can review every single word of these valuable interviews, at your leisure.

Some people simply absorb information better visually.

And since you can print these interviews out (I'd recommend putting them all in a folder for future reference) you can highlight, take notes, and underline the parts you feel will make a big difference in your career.

You get the best of both worlds!

Okay, so I'm intrigued... what is
"Masters of Screenwriting" going to cost me?

Let's look at that right now...

There's just no other program available with the depth, breadth, and insight of "Masters of Screenwriting" anywhere... certainly nothing with its power to give you the inside track into the world of successful screenwriters.

Now, how much would it cost you to individually buy the time of each one of these superstar screenwriters to have them personally teach you the secrets they reveal in these exclusive interviews?

Remember, they each command millions of dollars for each script they sell! And they each charge pricey consulting fees (and percentages) for projects they participate in.

Of course, if you think about it, a resource like "Masters of Screenwriting" you can use again and again to achieve your much desired, much deserved screenwriting success could easily be worth $500.

"That's a small price to pay for getting to the level of Allan Loeb, Jessica Bendinger, Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, Corey Mandell, or Craig Stiles — with this knowledge."

And I have already invested 17 years of blood, sweat, and tears to cultivate these types of relationships.

But as a valued BOSI Community member, you get to reap the rewards immediately — and at a severe discount.

So I'm pricing this one-of-a-kind information at only $247 — conservatively, about one-tenth of what it's worth.

And There's Even a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I want you to have complete confidence and peace of mind doing business with The Business of Show Institute.

Here is my 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee:

You have a full 56 days to try "Masters of Screenwriting" risk-free.

If for some strange reason you feel it does not deliver on everything you want and expect, or you are not thrilled with your purchase in every possible way, I want to know about it.

Simply write an email stating you'd like your money back. I'll issue you a refund right on the spot.

Why in the world would I give you such a bullet-proof, no "wiggle-room" guarantee? The answer is simple: We've been in business for many years and the one thing I have discovered is that most people are honest and have good intentions.

So, I wanted to make you an offer today that truly is irresistible, and I think I've done that. Now, you have absolutely ZERO risk on your part and a HUGE breakthrough in your screenwriting career to gain.

Please try it today risk-free, and see for yourself just how remarkable "Masters of Screenwriting" is.

And most importantly, the huge changes it will make in your screenwriting career!

'Tap the brains' of Hollywood's hottest screenwriters to cut
years off your road to screenwriting success!

The way I see it, you've got two choices. You can continue to struggle along on your own, taking tips here and there along the way, or you can tie-in to the screenwriting secrets of the most successful writers in Hollywood — in one fell swoop.

You became a screenwriter because you love movies and you wanted to be part of this amazing industry. Because you wanted to share your stories with the world. Because you wanted to become Hollywood's "next great voice"

NOT to struggle, flounder, and fail.

And having the most successful screenwriters in Hollywood by your side is the best assurance and biggest time saver you'll find anywhere on your road to success.

"Why struggle, when you can scoop up loads of street-proven insights gleaned from 6 of the sharpest writers to ever click a keyboard? It's right here in this one-of-a-kind package. .

You'll be able to tap the brains of Allan Loeb, Jessica Bendinger, Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, Corey Mandell, Craig Stiles, and even the late, great Blake Snyder... and milk their ingenious screenwriting secrets for all their worth."

Isn't it time you became the screenwriter you always dreamed of becoming?

Well, you can, and the choice is yours — right now...

May Your Life Be Extraordinary,

P.S. - Why spend years struggling in Hollywood when your blueprint to screenwriting success is right here? And you can download "Masters of Screenwriting" in just a few minutes...

P.P.S. -
And if you order now, you also get the Blake Snyder interview, plus all the interview transcripts as FREE BONUSES!

P.P.P.S. - Please Remember: This is a 100% risk-free offer. "Masters of Screenwriting" either works or it's FREE. You're backed by a 56-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. So you can order with confidence!